Make money from our rewards program

How would you gain money from Willzo?
Three easy steps will turn your life to happiness and satisfaction starting with:
Step 1
Create an account on willzo store worth of 200 points

Step 2
- Refer friends worth of 30 points
- Like our page on Facebook worth of 15 points
- share on the Facebook worth of 25 points 
- Follow us on Twitter worth of 15 points 
- Share on Twitter worth of 25 points
- Make an order worth of 3 points for every $1 spent
Step 3
Now you deserve to receive your rewards by redeeming them into money or discount coupons, every:
- 500 points = $5
- 1000 points = $10
- 1500 points = $15
- 2000 points = $20
- 2500 points = $25
How to redeem them into cash?
In order to redeem your earned points for cash, which will be through Paypal you must contact us on and inform us:
  • your willzo account email 
  • How many points you need to turn them to cash
  • your Paypal email that the money will be sent to 
    How does it work?
    There is a button at the bottom of any page on Willzo called "Rewards Program" when you hit it, it will open up your points dashboard. You can control all your points through this panel.